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Waggle Dawa Cocktail

We love a good celebration, whatever the occasion. Our celebratory drink of choice? The simple, yet delicious, Kenyan Dawa cocktail. This drink was invented in Nairobi and is inspired by Brazil's national cocktail, the Caipirinha.

You will need:

  • 50ml Vodka
  • 1 lime juiced (keep the peels for garnish!)
  • Crushed ice / ice cubes
  • Waggle Salted Honey to taste (about one teaspoon)

Add the ice, vodka and lime juice to a fancy looking glass. Dip a stirring stick or spoon into your Waggle Honey and place it in your drink, garnished with lime peels. Stir the honey through continuously while you sip away! It's as easy as that!

Pro tip: Originally the honey was meant as a garnish in this cocktail, so start with adding a small amount to your glass and then decide how sweet you want to make it.