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Our Creamed Craft Honey Range

Proudly South African, small-batch craft honeys that are 100% raw and flavoured with simple, natural ingredients.

No preservatives. No artificial flavours. Not heated. Not filtered. Non-irradiated.

Waggle's Raw Spiced Creamed Craft Honey displayed with a scattering of spices
Spiced Craft Honey
Waggle's raw Vanilla Craft Honey used to sweeten tea and lemon water
Vanilla Craft Honey
Raw Creamed Chilli Craft honey artistically displayed surrounded by whole and crushed chilli ingredients
Chilli Craft Honey
Waggle Breakfast bowl of yoghurt and muesli served with plain creamed honey
Plain Creamed Honey
Waggle Salted Craft Honey artistically displayed surrounded by a scattering of salt products
Salted Craft Honey
Waggle's Queen Bee Trio set, a combo of Salted, Spiced and Chilli honey, visually displayed surrounded by spices
Queen Bee Trio
A beekeeping smoker placed in the beautiful flower fields surrounding the beehives

At Waggle we are passionate about good food and the environment, and making honey exciting again!

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Happy Waggle Customers

The Waggle team are a pleasure from start to finish. As someone who eats plant-based, I'm very selective in where I buy honey from; the Waggle crafters are the kind of small business that I'm happy to trust!

Lydia Baard

Once you taste Waggle, you cannot eat store bought honey. The product is excellent!

Anne Schoonbee

We loved each of the flavours, with my son begging for more of the salted. The honey has a lovely rich texture, and the flavours balance beautifully with the sweetness of the honey!

Karien Erasmus

I have absolutely loved using Waggle Honey in a variety of ways. It takes any plate from nice to really delicious!

Caroline Meihuizen

Waggle Honey will make your tongue waggle! You are bound to go back for more and more... No meal will ever be complete without a drizzle of some Waggle!

Rishile Mabasa

Brilliant idea! I loved the flavoured honeys, it was a new concept to me. Something different and delicious with so many exciting ways to use it!

Esme Retief

What a treat! Delicious on toast or just eaten with a spoon from the jar!

Minette Karsten

Fantastic product and great service! Completely unexpected flavours of honey. Loved trying the flavours in different ways.

Jana van Breda

I love the different honeys. I use them all in my cooking and I have the Spiced Honey with hot milk before I go to bed to help me sleep.

Wilmari Uys

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Waggle come from?

Honeybee workers communicate in the hive by doing a special dance. With this dance they can precisely direct their fellow hive-mates to find the best flowers in the landscape. This impressive way that honey bees communicate about food sources is called the "waggle dance" - and this is where our name comes from...

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What ingredients are used to make Waggle Craft Honey?

We use only raw local honey and natural spices to create our creamed craft honeys. No artificial flavouring, no preservatives and no stabilisers are added to our products.

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What is special about using raw honey to produce Waggle?

Raw honey is honey in its purest form. Not filtered nor heated, straight from the hive, and packed full of goodness like nature intended. Heating honey above natural hive temperatures changes its chemical composition and can destroy the naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals...

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