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Where does the name Waggle come from?

Honeybee workers communicate in the hive by doing a special dance. With this dance they can precisely direct their fellow hive-mates to find the best flowers in the landscape. Foraging bees then visit these flowers to collect pollen as a protein food source for the hive, and the nectar which is used for making our delicious honey. This impressive way that honey bees communicate about food sources is called the "waggle dance" - and this is where our name comes from. These little creatures are really fascinating! 

What ingredients are used to make Waggle Craft Honey?

We use only raw local honey and natural spices to create our creamed craft honeys. No artificial flavouring, no preservatives and no stabilisers are added to our products.

What is special about using raw honey to produce Waggle?

Raw honey is honey in its purest form. Not filtered nor heated, straight from the hive, and packed full of goodness like nature intended. Heating honey above natural hive temperatures changes its chemical composition and can destroy the naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Filtering removes any larger particles that are naturally present in honey, like beeswax and pollen grains. The pollen in honey adds additional health benefits and is also useful in identifying the floral origin of honey.

Most honeys sold on retail shelves are filtered and heated, but we wanted to offer our customers a natural product. So if you find little pieces of wax in your Waggle Honey, rest assured that we have provided you with the best quality honey with all its natural properties intact. 

What does it mean that Waggle honey is creamed?

Contrary to popular belief, creamed honey does not contain any cream or other additives. It is actually just regular honey that has been whisked repeatedly so that tiny sugar crystals naturally form throughout the honey. This gives it a lovely smooth texture that makes spreading super easy - and it's delicious.

Where do we source our honeys from and why is it important to support local?

Waggle is a proudly South African business and we use only the best raw honey produced by local beekeepers to create our craft products. As a conscious consumer, why is it so important to support local?

  1. By supporting local businesses, producers and beekeepers, we stimulate the local economy, keeping our Rands in South Africa.
  2. It shortens the journey from hive to plate which has a reduced environmental impact and is better for our planet.
  3. When we support our local beekeepers, it ensures their jobs and livelihoods are sustained - especially with the threat of various cheap (sometimes adulterated) international imports, which are tough to compete with.
  4. Beekeepers provide essential pollination services to farmers and play a crucial role in agricultural crop production in our country, so by buying honey produced by local beekeepers we support this important industry and show our appreciation for the work that they do.

For logistical reasons, all our honey is currently sourced from beekeepers in the Western Cape province, but we could branch out to honeys from other provinces as our business grows.

Who develops Waggle's yummy flavours?

We partner with local South African chefs to create our Waggle Craft Honey flavours. Our first 4 flavours (Salted, Spiced, Chilli and Vanilla) were crafted in collaboration with the talented Chef Wynand van Rooyen, a local chef from Cape Town.

How should I store my honey?

Store your honey in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. When using your honey, make sure not to double dip utensils into the jar so that you don't contaminate your honey with bread crumbs or other foods which can spoil the product. Close the lid properly after each use.

Why is there a layer on top of my Waggle honey?

To keep our honeys as natural as possible and to ensure they maintain all their natural properties, we only add a handful of carefully selected spices to create our delicious craft flavours. We do not add any preservatives or stabilisers to our products. This means that sometimes a natural separation of the ingredients may occur, where the less dense spice particles float to the top of the jar. As raw honey naturally crystallizes over time, the sugar component of honey can also separate from the moisture component to form two distinct layers. All of this can be easily solved with a good old stir of your honey. We recommend stirring your honey before every use for the best results.

How is it best to soften my honey?

If your honey starts to crystallize or harden, the best way to soften your honey is to place it in warm water or in a sunny spot to allow slow softening over a longer time period. Heating it in the microwave or placing it in boiling water is not a recommended way of softening your honey, as it will destroy the natural honey properties. To keep the raw qualities of your honey, never heat it above 38°C.

Does honey have an expiry date?

No, honey is one of those foods that luckily never expires and by South African law also does not require an expiry date on the product. But trust us, once you taste our delicious honeys you will be seeing the bottom of the jar long before any expiry date can be reached! 

Has Waggle been food and safety approved?

Waggle is produced and bottled in a reputable local honey factory with all the necessary food safety protocols and hygiene standards in place. The factory is certified Halaal, Kosher and allergen free. All the ingredients used to create Waggle Honey have the same certifications.

Planning an event?

Waggle Craft Honey is a sweet addition to any wedding, party, or shower.
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