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Our Story

Hi and welcome to Waggle, the home of top-quality South African craft honey products!

Waggle's dream got realized in the Summer of 2020 when two enthusiastic female co-founders, Amy Garlick and Nanike Esterhuizen (old roommates from University days) joined forces with a local chef to create some of the first craft honey products produced in South Africa. With a passion for good food and the environment at our core, we wanted to create raw, natural products that will support local beekeepers and make honey exciting again for consumers.

I'm Amy, Waggle's project manager making the magic happen in the background.

Waggle has allowed me to connect back to my passion, the environment, while I continue to work the full time corporate life. I am proud to bring South Africa and the world a high quality product with this incredibly special taste of nature.

I'm Nanike, Waggle's busy bee lady and honey expert.

 As a hobbyist beekeeper and someone who has devoted five years of my research career to studying honey properties, joining Waggle was a no-brainer for me. I love bees and nature, and creating natural honey products that also support the local beekeeping industry is very important to me.

Waggle has allowed us to connect back to our passion for nature and the environment, whilst showcasing our entrepreneurial spirit to bring creative honey flavours to our customers. Waggle is for the adventurous foodie, and for anyone who enjoys a unique experience when it comes to food. We believe every taste of our honey is a moment to be enjoyed and our products not only have the power to elevate your cooking, but also your mood.

We are based in South Africa, with our head office in Johannesburg and all our products produced and shipped from the Cape. We believe in supporting the local economy and shortening the distance from farm to plate. Our mission is to create unique, top quality, local, raw honey products punched with all the natural goodness as nature intended, while also supporting local beekeepers and adding some adventure to your day. We also love to educate our customers on the value of good quality local honey and the importance of honeybees on earth.

We would love to hear from you, please do get in touch.


The Waggle Team x

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